If one were to look at the PLEIADES stars and associate them with the mountains on the sunken island, then they would notice that to the left, or to the "west", there is a star cluster called the HYADES. The place of the HYADES would roughly correspond to the western coast of ATLANTIS. According to Plato's dialogs on ATLANTIS, the island was very "LOFTY" and "RAINY" on its west coast. The name "HYADES" can be translated as the "RAINY ONES". Furthermore, the word "HYADES" and "HADES" seem nearly identical. "HADES" was associated with the UNDERWORLD - the land of the WEST. Perhaps the words HYADES and HADES have a common antediluvian origin where they referred to a territory on ATLANTIS in the west that was RAINY. This association may seem coincidental, but the liver omen "THE RIDGE" on what would appear to be the "western" portion of an ancient Babylonian liver can be associated with what would have been the LOFTY west coast of ATLANTIS. Furthermore, the brightest star contained within the HYADES star cluster is called ALDEBARAN. Perhaps this name is a compound word that is a combination of the words AL (god) + DE (of) + BARAN (BARANA : Basque word for BANISTER). In this abstract interpretation, the HYADES would be the celestial representation of the western area of ATLANTIS that was RAINY and so LOFTY, that it created a RIDGE that protected the ATLANTIAN plain - EDEN. It may have been referred to as the "BANISTER OF THE GOD", since ATLANTIS was considered the antediluvian ELYSIUM - ELZION - PLACE OF THE GODS' HEAVEN. If these ideas are correct, then it would imply that the ATLANTIAN flood survivors were the NEPHILIM - THE FALLEN ONES that "fell" from their in terrestrial heaven, and their god-like status.
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