The THRONE BASE, when applied to the island of Atlantis, appears to be the tip fo the teardrop shaped group of mountains on the lost island. This tip is an underwater mountain that is so large that the top of it is still above water even today. If this mountain is identified as MT. ATLAS, then it becomes apparent that this place would have been the place of the mytical ruler of Plato's ATLANTIS, and therefore would have been the place of his/her THRONE BASE. If this mountain was in the "plain" - (Sumerian : EDEN), it would have been where the pagan tree of life was that grew the Golden Apples. In fact according to myth, the "seat of the gods" was at, or near, MT. ATLAS, and their "seat" would have therefore been their THRONE BASE, thus confirming that the mountain at the point of the underwater teardrop chain of mountains was in fact MT. ATLAS - the seat of the gods.
       If these observations are correct, then it becomes apparent that the ancient divination livers were "graven images" of the lost terrestrial "heaven". When we read from Exodus 20:4 - the second commandment, we find
that the making of "graven images" which were to be worshiped, was forbidden.
"...Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or is in the water under the earth..."
It appears that remnants of the destroyed world were to be found in the "earth beneath" in the form of artifacts, and it also appears that the remnants that existed in the "water under the earth" would apply to the site of the flood. This interpretation leaves the "heaven above" as the place where likenesses of the lost world might be found. If we look at the underwater teardrop chain of mountains - the apparent ATLAS and HEPERIDES of ATLANTIS, and compare them to the "heaven above" an astonishing revelation is made. When we look at ATLAS and his other daughters of the "heaven above" - the PLEIADES, they seem to correspond to the mountains "in the water under the earth".
     If the PLEIADES STARS in "heaven above" were associated with the mountains of the antediluvian "land of the gods", then we will notice that between ATLAS and his other daughters - the PLEIADES stars, is a star/daughter called ALCYONE. If this is associated with the terrestrial teardrop mountain chain on the sunken landmass, this ALCYONE can be associated with a lone underwater mountain. On the Piacenza liver this place - on the teardrop shape, has engraved across it the word LETA, but when the image is reversed to match the sunken plain, it reads ATEL. AT - place of EL - god. ALCYONE and ATEL appear to be ELZION - the "place of the god(s) paradise".