Dr. Ulla Koch - Westenholz, who wrote "Babylonian Liver Omens" ISBN # 8772896205, translated many of the ancient liver omens. When some of her omens are applied to the corresponding places of the sunken island instead of a sheep's liver, the omens actually seem to describe the phyisical characters of the destroyed ATLANTIS.
     The RISE WIND corresponds to the northern portion of the Atlantian cape. It would have been here that ships full of cattle would have sailed to using the WIND to cross the strait between Europe and Atlantis. This would have been a port.
      The PATH appears to correspond to an inlet that was depicted on the Berlinghieri map of 1482. This would have been a river or canal that allowed ingress to the island, and to an acquatic civilization, it would have been a PATH.
       The NARROW PLACE appears to correspond to a place between mountains near the PATH which was shaped like a cheveron. Perhaps this was a narrow valley that antediluvians traveled through to get to the network of canals inland.
       The CATTLE PEN appears to have been located in two places. The first being to the north near the NARROW PLACE, and the other inland on the islands east coast. If cattle from Europe and western Africa where taken to ATLANTIS, there would have had to have been "CATTLE PENS" to keep the imported animals.
        The PALACE GATE appears to be located just inland of the two canals on the island's east coast. Clearly the term "PALACE" implies that this place was the home of the god(s), and it was where they reigned, which would have been the antediluvian (pre-flood) terrestrial HEAVEN.
      THE STRENGTH appears to be located at the entrance to the island's canals. If one equates the island as being "HEAVEN" or rather "THE HOLY PLACE OF THE GOD(S)", then they will find that in the book of "1 KINGS" verses 7:21 - 7:22 it was written that when King Solomon built his temple to God, he placed two pillars at its entrance, of which one was called Boaz, which in Hebrew means "IN STRENGTH". It is apparent that the entrance to both the temple of Solomon, which represented the terrestrial " PLACE OF GOD", and the entrance to ATLANTIS - the pagan heaven , elysium, or the place of the pagan gods, can be associated with the liver omen THE STRENGTH.
      The WELL BEING seems to be located in the plain, or rather the EDEN, of the island - paradise.
      The LEFT RISE and the RIGHT RIDGE correspond to the much higher ridges of the island's southern and western coasts. The RIGHT RIDGE appears to be Plato's "LOFTY" west coast, while the LEFT RISE appears to be associated with the RISING southen coast, which is represented as the RISING Canary Islands from East to West.
      The FINGER appears to be the triangular island of Tenerife which is the highest point on the sunken island. Its triangular shape matches almost perfectly the triangular shape of the FINGER as found on the divination livers.