The problem with this fanciful map, which included a mysterious island, is that beneath the Atlantic Ocean's surface the island depicted in Berlinghieri's map can be clearly seen in recent underwater soundings outside the Gibraltar Strait!
The dialogs of the Greek Philosopher "Plato" (427-347BC) described a mythical island that sat in front of the Gibraltar Strait that sank in stages. The landmass that sank there, according to his dialogs, was called ATLANTIS! It was said to have been a heavenly isle, and an elysium. According to Plato's dialogs, this island sank around 9600BC.
The shape of this island as depicted in the 1482 Berlinghieri world map, when relocated further to the north (where it actually sat), perfectly matches the position described of Plato's lost ATLANTIS! This landmass sits around a mile beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, which implies that it must have only existed above the surface in great antiquity. This would suggest that this island was most certainly the site of the Biblical Flood, and that those that lived there were the "evil ones" that were destroyed by Jehovah in Hebrew tradition, and by Jove (Zeus) in pagan myths.
       If ATLANTIS was considered the "land of the gods", then it would have been these gods that the ancient post-flood peoples may have continued to worship and identify with in the form of "graven images". This possibility can be found in a tool thought to have been used to communicate to the pagan gods. One common pagan practice in ancient times dating to before 2100BC, was the use of "divination" liver omens to forecast the future. Use of divination livers made of engraved clay or bronze, involved the sacrificing of an animal, from which a forecast associated with the animal's liver could be derived from the engraved dedications on the divination liver. These sacrifices, which were then interpreted by priests, were used to derive knowledge from the various pagan gods in order to forecast the future. An astonishing coincidence is that when these divination liver's images are reversed, they create an image very similar to the shape of the sunken landmass in the Atlantic outside the Gibraltar Strait.