What these observations seem to suggest, is that there must have once existed an advanced prehistoric civilization so great that it had been able to establish some form of global faith, and that this civilization's home island and its features became identified as being the home of the "gods" and the place of heaven, and that this place had been remembered as such long after this island and its people had been destroyed by a natural disaster. It also likely means that the nearly identical prehistoric symbols that have been venerated and used in worship in some form throughout the world, are the shadows of a fallen forgotten people, and that these symbols are the remnants of a faith established by these people long ago. In other words.... they are THE SHADOWS OF THE FALLEN.
      Since early 2006 the author here has researched and studied this apparent prehistoric civilization, and has written three books on it which have culminated into the "ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD" book series. Those who wish to read more about what has been presented here in cited detail, can freely download selected sample chapters from the author's 442 page 2021 book titled "SHADOWS OF THE FALLEN " in PDF format. These sample chapters and all images created by the author contained within this work are in registered copyright, but may be downloaded freely for non-commercial personal use and scholarly review. The books within the "ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD" book series authored by Charles D. Pfund are available online, and are now sold by the largest booksellers throughout the nation.
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